Sunday, July 25, 2004

Stretch a little bit more interest out of ING

say you always keep a minimum of $1000 in ING for "emergencies"...
then since you aren't going to invest it in something like stocks you may as well get higher interest, so you can put it in an ING CD funded directly by your savings account

"But aren't interest rates rising?"
yes they are but the jump in interest to a 1 yr CD is dramatic
even if the savings account raised dramatically, they would probably only match the CD, by which time you would have more than made up your money
you can further mitigate the risk by putting 1/4th of your 1K away in a CD per quarter, that way every time there is an increase in rate you can get that additional CD rate bonus, plus your money is more available as well

you can always pull out the money from the CD in a true emergency, and you don't lose any principal, just some of the interest


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