Monday, September 20, 2004

The Index Fund Wars

Index funds are a great way to diversify investments. Few mutual funds seem to beat broad market indices on a consistent basis. Additionally, while regular mutual funds often have annual fees on the order of ~1.25%, index funds have much lower annual fees.

Vanguard is the largest holder of index funds and for a very long time had the lowest fees. Their S&P 500 index fund had only .18% fees. However, recently Fidelity Investments recently came out with index funds that have only .1% fees. If you read the statement carefully though, they say the fees are .4% and they rebate .3%. This means at any time they could probably stop rebating that .3%. Also, E*Trade has index funds with fees of .09%. This requires opening a brokerage account with them and withdrawing funds from E*Trade seems a bit complicated.


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