Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Apple Computers Releases Several New Products

Today Apple released several new products. Perhaps the most anticipated was the Mac Mini computer which sells for $499. This is a great cheap way to experience the power of a well designed unix based operating system. This is also a good buy for people who already have a computer but need to uprgrade because this system does not come with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. While some will doubtlessly say this computer is underpowered, it will allow one to surf the web, email, and create office documents with no problems. Another interesting idea Apple suggests developers do is set this computer (it is a small brick) on top of their existing PC and use a KVM switch. This would allow one to have both platforms in the same location.

The other major release was a flash based mp3 player named Shuffle. The 512MB version sells for $100 while the 1GB version sells for $150. Considering I've recently seen 1GB USB drives sell for over $100, paying less than $50 for an mp3 player is not a bad deal. The cool thing is that it is not much bigger than a USB drive, charges through the USB drive so it requires no dock or software, and can store files as well. It has 15 hour battery life and a small external add on that holds 2 AAA batteries will extend that life to 35 hours.

Way to go Apple, oooo oooo


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