Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Dual Layer DVD Burners, the Betamax of our Generation

To all those dual layer DVD burner (dldvdb) fanboys out there (you know who you are):

dldvdb's have to be one of the most worthless pieces of technology on the market today. I know many people, myself included that can rarely fill a CD-r with non-music. Thus a DVD burner, let alone a dual layer one, is overkill for most. I don't know of any commericial car stereo equipment or personal music players that will play any type of DVD. So what does that leave us with? The very glamorous world of data back up! ooh! ahh!

So unless you are the next Steven Spielberg and are making your own movies for distribution, save yourself some money and skip the dvd burner or at least save the added expense and don't go dual layer.


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