Thursday, February 24, 2005

ING Raises Rates

ING raised its rate to 2.60%. This brings it in line with Virtual Bank's rate. Unfortunately for them my ING account was depleted making investments and paying bills while my liquid assests were stored in Virtual Bank which has had this rate for quite a while.

Don't be tardy to the party ING.

Also of note is that Emigrant Direct has promised to not drop its rate below 3.0% for the 2005 calendar year although they may raise the rate. However, the rumors are true that it takes a bit of effort to start the account. The sign up was not difficult, but the number of confirmation steps are quite lengthy. It has been about two weeks since I first signed up and I still have been granted access to the account (not that I'm out any money in the intervening time, but it is still annoying).


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What did you say about tards?


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