Saturday, February 05, 2005

yum, xfce, and other stuff I want to remember in Linux

I have returned to using Fedora Core 3 after using FreeBSD. However, my time with FreeBSD did lead to several advancements in my usage of Unix type operating systems.

Becasue package installation was so critical in FreeBSD, I figured it would be good to learn how to install packages in FC3. This is done just as easily as in FreeBSD, only with binary installation being the default rather than than source installation.

The commands are:

yum list foo* (find programing containing the letters foo)
yum install foo_thing (install program foo_thing)
yum update foo_thing (update to the latest version of foo_thing that is already installed)

As you can see it is NOT hard at all. I combined this knowledge with my usage of XFCE in FreeBSD to switch my desktop from KDE to XFCE (after installing it with yum of course).

By the way, if you aren't a big fan of config files, 'switchdesk' is a handy little command to change your desktop windows manager without rooting through a bunch of directories and files.


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