Sunday, June 05, 2005

Apple, you were cool, now I'm outta here.

CNN, Slashdot,, Wired, and many other places are reporting that Apple is switching to Intel chips for their main cpus.

A lot of times the dominant market leader is the market leader for a reason, but I've lost respect for Apple if this is true.

IBM's chips are more expensive, less supported, and debateably lower performance relative top certain x86-64 offerings. However, the Mac clusters do seem to have better performance per cpu than other clusters out there. However on desktop dual cpu comparison, the AMD 64's have been dominant and equal or better priced.

I could have respected the move to AMD. However, according to Wired, the reason Apple is moving to Intel is so that it can use its digital rights management system (DRM) in the Pentium D to prevent users from viewing unauthorized movies and music.

Locking down what we can do with our computers, picking a more expensive chip, and picking a lower performing chip relative to the AMD which is almost uniformly better in dual core configuration.....what have you done Apple?

This iBook will be my last Apple product if this switch is true.


At 6:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apple Sux


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