Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Credit Card King

There is a new credit card from Chase that in my opinion is the best overall deal available. It offers 5% back on gas, groceries, and pharmacy and 1% on everything else. However, the big deal is you can get up to $750 in rebates per year. You can get these rebates in the form a check or as gift cards.

This card is called the Chase Rewards Plus Visa. DO NOT confuse this with the Chase Cash Plus Visa which offers the exact same deal but only has a $300 rebate limit.

If you already have a Chase Cash Plus Visa or Citi Dividend Platinum Select and do not max out your rebates for the year there is no reason to get this card. But if you don't have any "5%" rebate cards, there is no reason to get those two old ones.

Supposedly there is a Chase Rewards Plus Mastercard but I couldn't find it on the website so obviously I can't recommend it.


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