Friday, June 09, 2006

The Real Life "Animal Farm"

Everyone remember that story "Animal Farm" about the animals that overthrow the farmer in a rebellion and form their own communist farm where everyone shares but eventually the lead animals become crueler dictators than the farmer ever was? At the end the animals are working harder for less pay under worse living conditions.

Well this CNN article is so delicious it has to be fattening. Basically these hippies (their decription, not mine) decide to drop out of capitalist America and form their own little commune. Everyone gets paid the same no matter what type of job you have and everyone shares. It sounds great, right?

Well it seems that the main source of income was the production of hammocks and they lost their main customer, Pier 1. So to make ends meet they increased the work week to 44 hours and cut back the monthly stipend (i.e. paycheck) from $71 to $61 a month.

So let me get this straight, in order to drop out of capitalist society these people are working more than the standard work week for $2/day plus room and board? You could work at Walmart for 40 hours a week and have hundreds left over a month. If you think the work is easy at the commune, here is a description of one type of job from the article, "And the tofu hut is a literal sweatshop: hot, damp, and factory-like."

No "dirty, evil corporation" in the US would DREAM of these types of working conditions and 44 hours a week for $2/day plus room and board.


At 6:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's great. I wonder how they justified taking a contract from a big corporation like Pier 1 to further their goal of being "self-sustaining".


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