Sunday, July 16, 2006

Interest Rate Round Up

Emigrant Direct 5.15% (as of July 28th, 5% now)
GMAC 5.05%
Citi E-Savings 5.00%
ING Direct 4.35%

Emigrant Direct: good rates, fast transfers, lousy website and lousy slow sign up process

GMAC: good rates, fast transfers, great website, good CDs, good sign up, free checks and atm rebates, unlimited linking to other accounts

Citi E-savings: good rates, easy sign up (if you have Citi Checking), ok website, haven't tried transfers (push from GMAC), good CDs, $2.00/month in thank you points

ING Direct: bad rates, medium slow transfers, good website, bad rate CDs, good sign up process, 1 link to other accounts (have to mail in a check for more)


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