Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Finding Alternative 5% Cards

I'm sure you are aware that Citi's 5% gas/groc/drugstore card is ending on Oct. 13th. Chase has discontinued taking applications for the Chase Rewards Plus, the best 5% credit card out there. The guys on my credit card forum have a deep link to apply for the Chase Cash Plus and have had some success getting it but the fact that you can't find it on the Chase website makes me wonder how long it will last.

There also is a new HSBC 5% credit card. The only negative is they pay you the cash back once a year rather than any time you earn $50. Also HSBC has a notorious reputation for being a "sub-prime" credit card lender. What this means is that they loan to people with questionable credit histories and sometimes don't treat their customers very nicely. For instance you may apply for this card and only get a $500 credit limit. However, the one guy who got this card already has a $15K credit limit. Anyway I have three 5% cards so I won't be applying for the HSBC card. There is no annual fee or weird fees that I can see associated with the card but I cannot give it my personal guarantee.

I don't know how important getting 5% on gas/groc/pharm is to you but that is major chunk of what I buy. If you need any help or want the HSBC link let me know.

If you spend around $2,000 or more on purchases a month, there is an AMEX card I would recommend and you can (and should) put all your purchases on this card. If you spend that much and want to simplify to one card, this one is actually pretty good and has been around for at least 5 years. It is called AMEX Blue Cash. Once you get past the initial spending tier of $6,500, you get 5% on the big three and 1.5% on everything else. But if you run the numbers it really doesn't make sense until you are spening $20,000/year or so.


At 6:29 PM, Blogger Ryan said...

I haven't had deja vu in a long time

At 5:38 AM, Anonymous Mikel said...

I just got the official letter from Citi that as of October 13 grocery, gas, and drug store purchases go back to 2%. They are adding convencience stores and utilities to the 2% rate but I'm sure that doesn't result in as much cash back overall.


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