Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy 150,000 Tajiri

Tajiri is fast approaching the 150,000 mile mark. That's 75,000 miles on his engine for those keeping score. Are you thinking what I am thinking? MAKEOVER! (5 internet points for the first person that can name this cartoon reference)

Tajiri has been shedding foam out of the side of the driver seat so he just received two seat covers for his milestone. To those who think I am cheap, I would like to point out that even though only 1 seat was shedding I bought two matching covers. Also, while it was tempting to buy the $5.99 Woolly Mammoth covers, I bought the $9.99 neoprene/mesh covers.

Speaking of seat covers, are Satan worshipers, hot rodders, and power puff girls the only people who buy seat covers? Because those were the only types of covers I could find. Everything was either frilly flowers, skulls and flames, or just plain flames. I ended up buying a set that were all black except for a small set of flames across the top. This was the least amount of flames I could get and they do form into wings so I figured it counts as being "aerospacey" too.

When asked for a comment about reaching this milestone Tajiri cryptically said, "I laugh in face of stupid American cars!! hahahahaha....". He then metaphorically flipped his beard over his shoulder and turned away. (1 internet point for the person that can name this movie reference.


At 6:26 PM, Blogger Ryan said...

One pointer = Kill Bill Vol. 2


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