Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hot Deal for My Loyal Readers

I got a packet full of coupons in my USPS moving package after I fowarded mail from my old place. It was mostly junk but there was a $40 off coupon at Circuit City on any total purchase of $199 or higher. My Samsung Syncmaster 19 inch LCD happens to sell for $200 at Circuit City. That thing is a really good monitor and I might have bought it instead of my widescreen but I had alreay placed the order before I got the coupon.

Oh well, I only paid $25 more for my widescreen. Still though it would have been nice to have two identical monitors in case I ever set up a dual monitors.

Anyway, give me an email if you want the $40 off coupon. I can't use it. It exires Octobe 31st so it would even be good for a early Christmas/birthday present. :)


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