Sunday, September 10, 2006

I'm a Woot-a-holic

The spending spree continues. On top of the new widescreen monitor and Blackberry, I bought a convection oven/toaster from Woot today. I needed a toaster and didn't own a microwave. This thing can do 6 pieces of toast at a time, plenty for my needs, plus it is a convection oven. Thermodynamically, convection heating makes sense and I figure I can use this thing instead of buying a microwave. This will hopefully be good at heating up leftovers. Also if stuff fits in it I might use it for "raw" cooking too because it claims to cook 33% faster.

Best of all it was only $30 +$5 shipping. Given that most toasters are $20 and many microwaves are $40 or more I hope this will be a net gain plus give me a convection cooker. It was $60 on so at least I feel like I'm not getting ripped off even though I probably am.

It is a Hamilton Beach who makes the best.mikshakemachine.ever. That thing has lasted since at least junior year in HS and is still going strong despite at least 8 trips across the country and countless milk shakes.


At 7:12 PM, Blogger Ryan said...

Never, ever, talk about thermodynamics on this blog again.


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