Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Interest Rate Round Up

Out of the accounts I have...

UFB Direct: 5.27%
*Emigrant Direct: 5.15%
+GMAC MMA: 5.0%
Citi E-Savings: 5.0%
ING Direct: 4.4%

*Recommended account if you only need online savings.
+Recommended account if you want to write checks and make free ATM withdrawals.

UFB Direct has the best rate for now but they are far from a proven leader. ED has had higher rates for a much longer time. Also there are no electronic transfers from the UFB website so you need something like GMAC or Citi checking to pull the money electronically from. Two upsides though is that you do get an ATM card and it is an Indianapolis based bank. Support your local banks. :)


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