Friday, March 02, 2007

Fidelity Brokerage

Many of you may know me as a Vanguard fanboy. I'm still a big fan but I've found a few nuggets of value at Fidelity. First off if you can drop $10,000 into an account you can get a $100 bonus. You don't have to actually buy any stocks, you can just put the money into a money market fund earning about 5.15%. I don't want to post the link here so leave me a message

Secondly if you open that Fidelity account you can get a free Amex Gold charge card. Normally this has a $95 annual fee but it is free through Fidelity. The advantage to having this card is you get free roadside assistance for free jumps, gas, and towing up to a $50 value up to four times a year. I'm definitely not renewing my AAA membership.

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